Tourist Card is a secure and easy way to use your money in Iran The Card is type of Debit Card and attached to a bank account.Tourist Card is issued by Sepah Bank , Iran Culture Heritage and inco-operation with Mehregan Co. is the distributor of the Card and is responsible for providing various cardholder services. The Card can be used anywhere in Iran for cash withdrawal at ATMs and for the purchase of goods and services in-store and online where banking card is accepted electronically...



  • The Card can be loaded up to an equivalent amount of USD5000$ and hold one currency.
  • Value can be reloaded onto card until it expires.
  • Card limits apply: minimum single load USD50$, maximum load
  • USD5000$, maximum availabel balance
  • There is no transaction fee for purchase and no ATM fee for withdrawal.
  • The Card will be Issued for every visitors who are over 18 years.
  • The Card will issued with Travel Insurance and SIM Card.



To apply the Card :

  • Send direct request to sales department by email
  • visit nearest Sepah Bank branch at


  • You need to have valid passport and visa to apply a card
  • Card will be issued in two business day



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