Iran Tourist Sim is the first specialized prepaid Sim-Card in the tourism industry. It has designed for the better welfare of international Tourist and business people who travel to Iran. This Sim will cover all the communication needs over voice,  text and internet.It will provide easy and high quality connection inside & outside the country.


- Presenting activation code on sim card package. 

- Presenting Sim-card user guide in three languages (Persian, Arabic & English).

-30,000 Toman primary Credit on Sim-Card.

-By activating Sim-Card, welcome package that includes 3GB high speed 3G internet will be activate.

-There will be no disconnection ,deactivation ,or exit from normal mood while the sim is activate.

-These Sims will be activate for 60 days after activation.

-Possibility of activating normal Sim-Card data packages on Tourism Sim-Cards.

-Call center support in Persian, Arabic, English and Azerbaijani language.