Meaning of words :

 The following definitions apply throughout this products, unless otherwise stated:

ATM means an automatic teller machine at which you can use your Card and PIN to access Stored Value.
Business day means any day from Saturday to Thursday on which Sepah is open for business in at least one of the branch location in Iran
Card means the MGN Tourist Card card; issued by Sepah to you to allow you to access Stored Value by making Electronic Transaction;
Card Expiry Date means the expiry date printed on the Card;
Card Services means any service provided by MGN or Sepah or its suppliers in connection with the Card or Stored Value and includes the ability to allow you to make Electronic Transactions; 
Customer Identification Process means the process that MGN has adopted in order to identify its customers in accordance with Iran government law.
CVC means Card Verification Code, which is a three digit code on your Card.
Electronic Transaction

means a Transaction initiated (or apparently initiated) by your instruction to:

  • Withdraw cash from an ATM in conjunction with the use of the Card and your PIN;
  • Purchase goods and/or services at Merchant where the merchant processes the transaction electronically using the Card, and your PIN or
  • Make a payment to  Merchant using internet using your Card number and associated CVC if required;
Extreme Carelessness means a degree of carelessness that greatly exceeds what would normally be considered careless behavior.
Internet Banking means the online banking services provided by Sepah to Sepah customers which is accessed at
IVR means the automated Sepah Interactive voice response Service on …………
Merchant means a business or place where cards are accepted electronically;
MGN means Mehregan Co. Service provider and distributor of Tourist Card
MGN Tourist Card means the MGN Tourist Card(single currency); issued by Sepah to you to allow you to access stored value by making an Electronic Transaction;
Personal Information is the information that collect from you, or about you, when you purchase your Card and when you use Card to conduct any Transactions;
PIN means your personal identification numbers, that is, the code of number that you are to use with your Card when using the Card for Electronic Transactions;
  means an Electronic Transaction using a merchant terminal at point of sale;
Sepah means Sepah Bank
Sepah branch means any full service banking center
Security Details means the information given by you to us that is to be used, among other things, as your Security Details when you access your Stored Value details at the website or IVR, MGN
Stored Value means the amount of Value that is available to you at a given time(expressed in Stored Value Currency) for your use in conducting Transaction;
Tourist Card Customer Services

means the Tourist Card customer services center that can be contacted by :

Transaction means any transaction which uses or increase a Stored Value on your Card and to which the   ePayments Code applies;
Value means the amount of value, measured in Stored Value Currency, that you purchase from Sepah at any time for use in Electronic Transaction using the Card;
We, us , our means Sepah, MGN, or anyone to whom Sepah assigns its rights;
Website means the internet site accessed at and which gives access to your Card details;
You means the person to whom the Card has been issued and your executor(s) and administrator(s