Frequntly Asked Question

What is Tourist Card?

A Debit card allowing you to spend in the amount of card balance. You can easily and safely use it at which bank card is taken.

Can it be used in everywhere?

You can use your Tourist Card on your both internet and store shopping, everywhere in Iran. It is valid where bank card is valid.

What is the age limit to use ininal card?

18 is an appropriate age to have and use an Tourist card.

Where to buy?

You can purchase a Tourist Card in sales office around the world or send request to

How many ininal card can be customized or added to an account?

A person who has an account in bank Sepah l can customize or add one Tourist Cards to his/her account.

Where are Cash Deposit Points?

You can deposit your Tourist Card via any bank Sepah branches or directly by Mehregan Co. Also you can transfer money to your Tourist Card from all bank card by ATM’s

How much money can be loaded at first time?

Minimum equivalent of 50USD in local currency.

What is spending limit?

There is no spending limit to use your Tourist Cards

Can I deposit money into Tourist Card through the internet?

You can transfer money to your tourist Card from all bank card through internet.

Can I withdrawal money with my Tourist Card?

You can withdrawal money from all ATM’s up to 2.000.000 daily.

How much does the monthly maintenance fee?

There is no monthly maintenance fee.

What are the Tourist Card fees?

For current fees and limits you can check

What is my ininal card PIN / card password? How can I change it?

 Tourist Card password is enclosed with your card. You can change your password through bank Sepah ATM's.

What am I supposed to do for lost or stolen cards?

You must call customer services to cancel the card. 7/24 Customer Services (9821)1557.
You can get new Tourist Card of from all bank Sepah branches.

How can I use my expired card balance?

You can get new card from all bank Sepah Branches.

What is Card Security Code (CVC2)?

Card Security Code (CVV2). When you would like to do shopping over the Internet, you are asked to enter your 16 digit card number, expiration date of the card and 3 digit security code (CVV2).